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me I was an electronics technician in the Portuguese Air Force. In this scope I worked in the maintenance of various systems including: Radio communications HF, VHF, MW (microwave); Multiplexing (TDM and PCM); Optical Fiber; Data communication networks (LAN); Subsystem of communications of the Portuguese Air Command and Control System (POACCS); Ground controlled approach (GCA); Tactical air navigation system (TACAN); Telephone exchanges (PBX), etc.

Also, I am an autodidact with an interest in many study areas.

This blog started as a test space for creating bloges in github.com using Jerkyll, </br> now Data Science and R is a space where I publish some research issues about Data Science and R. But also, among others, posts discuss important events, current trends, book reviews, etc.


The opinions discussed on this Blog are my own. The views and opinions expressed by visitors to this blog are theirs and do not necessarily reflect mine.

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